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X-factor’s live performance aired on Fox Network was full of peaking ‘boobs’, over the top costumes, and weird making faces. Most of time, the word ‘amazing’ is said on any given night. Khloe’ Kardashian and cute dimple face Mario Lopez are the new hosts of Simon Cowell brain child X factor. This week the top 12 was finally chosen from each judge’s team. Khloe looked amazing, her face was very camera friendly, the only problem was her nipples couldn’t stay down!! And even Simon made a very clinical comment- which is not unusual for him but hey!

Britney as usual, looked out of placed and her weird faces and favorite word- AMAZING, gave us a headache. Amazing should be the title of her next album, just saying!

LA Reid was not having it with Simon, and Simon tried to be the mean dragon but somehow he was not spitting any fire. Demi was young and playful, but their critics have no bearing. Not sure how these personalities are going to play out. But the only thing making me watch are the talents.

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