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Glam: Hi Mr Doyle, thank you for taking the time out to chat with Glam! Tell us who is Aidan Doyle?
Aidan: I am a New York based stockbroker who also is heavily involved in TV and radio broadcasting.

Glam: Where are you from and were you always into Finance?

Aidan: I was born and raised in London, England and didn’t actually come to the States to live until I was 30 years old. And yes, I have always been involved in finance but not in the same areas. I began my career in accountancy on finishing schooling in London and then went on to become a CPA. It was as a  CPA that I first came to the New York to pursue the American Dream. One day in 1990, I met with some stockbrokers in New York, who told me that my talent and “gift for the gab” were being wasted in Accountancy (Bean-Counting was the expression they used!) and that I was a natural born salesman and that I should try Wall St. The rest is history, as they say.    

Glam: You are the man behind one of the biggest Financial shows on Television, tell us about it  what made you produced such a show?

Aidan: Once I had made the decision to produce and broadcast a Financial Empowerment  TV show, (which has been done before obviously )it became clear to me that clarity of presentation and the ability to engage the viewer were necessary if the show was to achieve it’s goals.  Thus, we decided to “edutain” (Educate & Entertain) and the On da Money TV Show was born.

Glam: You are a member of the financially sophisticated set. How do you feel giving advice to others?

Aidan: I began my career long before the Man in the Street  had Smartphones, search engines and the ability to access virtually unlimited information in seconds. However, I am convinced that mere access to information, whilst necessary needs to be complimented with interpretation application and execution.  Data is not enough. Think about it. If all it took to succeed was information, then every librarian you know would be a millionaire!  I give the advice that makes the information work for you and helps you achieve your goals.

Glam: The show speaks about money management. Do you think most families don’t save for a rainy day?

Aidan: No, they don’t At least not adequately, anyway. One in four American  households have no net worth “ Occupy Wall Street” take note!: This is not a result of any recession, Wall Street activity, political climate or market based condition. This lack of financial health and stability is to a great extend preventable by the adoption of sound financial money management and self-discipline. We all have to take responsibility for this area of our lives. Ongoing education is the key.

Glam: You are English, do you think the British are better mangers of money?

 Aidan: Yes. And actually a great deal of Americans share my opinion!

Boxer Oscar Dela Hoya


Having an English accent has been a big plus for me over the years. Right or wrong, the perception still remains in this country that English people are somehow more intelligent than everybody else. Hopefully I won’t say anything here to contradict that!

Glam: You are a man filled with life,  Do you ever let the financial market depressed you?

Aidan: Good question.  The Traders Handbook would tell you to detach yourself from events in the market and think and act objectively at all times. But the Handbooks are not the ones doing the trading! As people, we are all subject to emotional responses, high and lows. But, overall, once you’ve been on Wall Street for a while, you start to get tough and build up scar tissue. However, when it all finally does get too much for me and I have to have  a good cry however, I always go into a corner where nobody can see me!

Glam: You have friends and acquaintances in public office. Have you ever considered entering or getting involved in politics on any level?

Aidan: Actually I do not consider myself adequately qualified to become politically effective. Also, coming from the UK, which has a totally different political system, I am still unfamiliar with the American way of doing things. I am happy however being instrumental in the lives of those I can help professionally and in via media broadcasting.

Glam: You are friends with many boxers, are you their financial adviser or is the sports your passion?

Aidan: I am getting a lot of boxing questions lately. I would like to take this opportunity to clear this one up. My “involvement” with boxing only came about since last year as a result of attending and working with and attending several championship events in the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. It just so happens that on one of these events I met a boxing journalist, that I have since become good friends with. Now I am finding that I am becoming a big fan of the sport and in attendance at most world championship events. PS: I am becoming more knowledgeable about the sport but so far I have not acquired any World champion clients, but who knows?

Glam: What is next for you, and what projects are you working on?

Aidan: I have just began broadcasting ‘This Week in Forex” on the global “Thomson Reuters Insider”Network, which I am very excited about and I would also like your readers to be aware of and show their support for “Aidan does the Marathon” which is the campaign intended to raise $250,000 for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, through my participation in this 2013 ING NYC Marathon. I am also launching starting next month in Detroit, a nationwide series of financial seminars in the “power of Forex” series.

Glam: Is there anytime you can admit you made bad financial decisions?

Aidan: Yes. Every day in fact. As a trader, loosing trades are a fact of life. The important thing is to end up with a net profit (or to win more than you lose!)  The life lesson here is that you can’t win them all. But if you win most of them, you will be OK. Please quote me on that one!. 

Glam: For the mind to function it needs a healthy body, do you workout?

Aidan: Yes. May I also add that there is a misconception, as far as I am concerned, that working out is all about the body.  Wrong. There is also a metaphysical benefit attached which, although not as easy to quantify, is perhaps even more important. Think lower, stress, higher spirits and a better brain. I work out anyway, but I am currently on additional rigorous workout schedule leading up to NYC marathon in November 2013.

Glam: What are your 5 must haves rules for financial stability?

Aidan: 1)    SAVE: Make savings automatic

2)     Eliminate and avoid debt

3)     Control impulse spending

4)     Make a plan & WRITE IT DOWN

5)    Educate yourself

Glam: With all the bad money judgements by so many celebrity, what advice would you give to anyone with new founded money?

Aidan: Send it to me and let me invest it for you! (laughing)

Glam: Tell us something about you that may surprise us?

Aidan: People are always suprised to learn that I present the entire 30 minutes On da Money Show in an extemporaneous manner.

That is to say without any notes, written text or Autocue. There’s that “Gift of the Gab” again!  

Glam: Do you think there  is such a thing as too rich ?

Aidan: As in having too much money? Yes. But each of us has his own unique “too rich level” We are all complex intricate personalities, with all the neurosis, insecurities and hang-ups that come with the human condition.  It is up to each of us therefore to know our limitations and work within them.

PS: Russell Simmons is too rich!(laughing)

Glam: The more money you have, the more problems that follows you, name the top 3 problems that comes with being rich?

Aidan:  The stress and strain of protecting it!

1)    The “is this person sincere?” factor. Figuring out people’s true intentions,

2)    Scams, cons and fraudsters

3)    Money can be all-consuming

Glam: Thanks again for chatting with us, and  to share  with us your secrets to success!!

Aidan:  My pleasure and good luck with the Blog.

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