Vh1 Needs To Get Erica Mena Help!

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I have never seen anyone so angry! Erica Mena titled should be called “The Beast living inside Beauty”. My God this girl either possess the devil or the devil is stalking her. With all the trails in her life, her quest for survival is taking a toll on her. She is a lost kitten looking to be loved. I feel her pain, I believe her story. She is so filled with  rejections and betrayal that she puts up a wall to prevent others from getting close. Hope Vh1 instead of capitalizing on her negativity.  They should gives her some support and gets her the help needed

(Talking to Erica) For some reason your angry character looks like a front. And that’s not who you really are. The eyes don’t lie.  And we see the pain within you.


Erica if you ever need a hug or someone to talk with, Glam is here.










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