Trina Braxton is dating Cee lo Green

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Finally Trina Braxton filed divorce on Gabe Solis and supposedly she is on the dating scene with a new man- Mr. Cee lo Green himself!!! Apparently, after her embarrassing split from her cheating husband, Toni’s little sister- Trina is finally finding love and happiness with music mogul Cee Lo!

Viewers of WE TV’s “Braxton Family Values” watched as Trina’s marriage to software developer Gabe Solis deteriorated after he was caught cheating numerous times. Trina admitted on the show that Gabe was cyber-texting other women and realized he was a sex addict. Sources revealed: “the situation between the couple really blew up after Gabe admitted he put a GPS tracker on Trina’s car because he thought she was cheating.” However, they’re trying to remain cordial with one another for the sake of their children.

Nevertheless, she did not allow her divorce to get her down, she finally decided to put her feelings first. After meeting Cee Lo at different events, one time in particular- at a studio where Toni was recording, they finally were able to make a connection.
Another source revealed: “When Cee Lo heard Trina say she had filed for divorce and wanted to move on, he wasted no time and asked her out to dinner, At first, it was just a friendly date, but they really hit it off and began spending more time together. Everyone in Trina’s family is happy that she’s smiling again.”

Let’s just hope that this relationship is legit. #IJSWell if she is happy with ‘Mr. Teddy Bear- Cee Lo’ than hey- we say go gurl!!! Hopefully she’s really happy and its not for reality TV.

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