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Treat your Vagina With Respect!

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Well Ladies let’s talk about our Vagina, Vjay, Kitty, Pussy-cat, Tat, Pum-pum, Tun -Tun what ever you want to call it. Glam question to you is why do you ladies allow your Vagina to grow into a Forest? Left unattended and lost. Nothing is more unattractive than a unshaven Vagina. Some ladies pay great attention to their wigs and weaves, but neglect the Vjay. Which is more important? I guess you all figure that no one is seeing it so why pay it maximum attention? But when you attract the opposite sex, some cases the same sex, do you want them to have a heart attack when they see all this Bush (even though he’s not the President of the U.S anymore). Anyways unless you plan on staring in a fetish Porn movie titled “The Lost Land” shave you Vaginas at least once a week. This is not the eighties when afro puffs were in, and female hair was sexy. Shaving of hair is vital for a good hygiene;a shaved Armpit, Legs and Vagina should be a weekly activity.
Here are some of Glams’ ideas for a clean and beautiful Vagina:

1. If you are going to leave it to become a forest, at least turn it into a piece of art, nothing is wrong with being creative and thinking out of the box, create a design.

2.Stay away from scented products, this can cause severe allergic reaction resulting in itching cause from bacteria vaginosis, infection similar to yeast, go to a doctor. Glam is sure you don’t want to have a sick Vjay.

3. Douching is not for everyone, douche can sometimes change the PH balance and lead to yeast and other infections. instead after period or unprotected sex use hot water with a splash of vinegar to steam and wash inside of vagina.

4. Wash at least 2 times a day with soap (hypoallergenic preferred) and never leave home without wipes.

5. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, adding a little ring can spark it up.

6. Exercise is a must! no ones wants a stretch out Vjay, so doing your regular Vjay muscle control hold and release exercise will add life to it.

7. Don’t be fooled by every man who wants a ride, just like a car, it will need service and repairs. So choose wisely who you give a ride, if they can’t handle the repairs then let them walk.

8. Sexual diseases should not be renting a room in your Vjay, so to your tenants moving in- LET THEM WRAP IT UP!

9. See a doctor at least once per year. Make sure to get Pap test and biopsies done. This will limit your chance of cervical cancer in the future.

10.Drink lots of water; this will help to reduce odor as well and make you feel healthier.

Remember adding mileage to it can depreciate it, so no unnecessary drives. Ladies our Vjays are our GIFT from creation, its the MOTHER to all generations, it is the CITY for all pleasures, it is where you can FIND and KEEP your man. So show it respect and care, remember the same way you NEED it, it’s the same way your Vjay NEEDS you.

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