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The Real Housewives OF ATL Season 4 Recap

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Well with the waving of the fan, and the sounds of rushing wind. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta brought out all the drama effects. The Bravo set  dazzled by the cast who seemed to have gotten the memo. Miss Gone with the wind  Kenya Moore sparkle in yellow and represented her title of Queen Bee. Cynthia Bailey was all glamour in black. Miss “I Am Rich” Nene sat in her throne and with the gold emblissement on her royal blue dress, the only thing missing was her crown. Kandy wore white and finally her hair looked ok, her eyebrow is still giving me an headache!  Donkey booty Pheadra wore black, with her putting her hands on her oversize pregnant belly, she looked alittle uncomfortable. Portai wore a black sheer dess and that suited her just fine.

Bravo should officially crowned Kenya Moore the Diva Of Realty shows. With each punch line by the ladies towards Kenya, she would opened her fan and waved them off with the added sound effect, it was like watching the tango.  I was praying that the wind from the fan didn’t blow off poor Kandy’s lashes.  I have never seen anyone opened a fan so elegant and dramatic. This must come with years of practice. The fan stole the show.

The finally started with the clash of the donkey booty, with all the bickering back and fort about who is out selling out, poor Andy couldn’t even get a question in.  This first part reunion special was juicey, wonder what part 2 will bring!

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