The Obama Dress Inspired by Love

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THE OBAMA DRESS 2008. By Sharon E. Clarke

Migrated to the United States in June of 1991, Sharon E. Clarke was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. She is a Fashion designer and a tailor and is equally great at both. She tailored many stars clothing, such as Julia Roberts, Naomi Campbell, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Kanye West, Ivanka Trump, magazine’s editor in Chief and the list goes on. Sharon’s experience has earned admiration for her work and in 2012, she was featured as a celebrity tailor on seven episodes of Lifetime’s reality TV show, 24 Hour Catwalk. She has been on many other shows such as MTV World of Jenks, The Cut with Tommy Hilfiger, Sean John, If I Were King (an MTV Documentary), the fashion Show and more. 

The Obama dress was conceived as a figurative symbol for the new America under President Barack Obama. As fashion has evolved, so has America, welcoming a new president with fresh ideals and a message to unite the diversities all across America. The Obama Dress symbolizes the vitality of the President, the Renaissance of the national pride, and a generation whose hopes and dreams can move this nation forward. In creating this piece, Sharon carefully created a motif of President Obama’s achievements during his campaign season and eventual election in 2008. She did so by carefully crafting the dress and painstakingly added the newspaper headlines in an intricate pattern and infused glamour, details and artistry to achieve this masterpiece.

His charismatic nature and inspiring essence as a family man inspired her beyond measure and this was reflected in the Obama Dress. She took absolute pride in creating this piece. As she sat in her Harlem apartment creating this tribute to a president whom she loves, she knew it embodies more than the dress can tell; her personal story and those of countless immigrants whom his Presidency not only inspired hope but an opportunity to have a life they once dreamed off.


As President Obama begins his second term, Sharon continuously inspired by his past success and determination to overcome the obstacles that were presented to him during his first term. From the war in Iraq, collapse of the U.S financial markets to the devastating Hurricane Sandy, President Obama has triumphed.   

Sharon hope to make another dress drawing inspiration from his first term, the election season that eventually led to his re election and his message of moving the nation Forward.


Story credits : Sharon E. Clarke

Editor: Jennifer Nnamani




Obama Dress worn by Amber Lee Ettinger (Obama Girl) during the President Obama’s inauguration in January 2009.



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