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“Homelessness in NYC have hit record highs with a 115 percent increase over the past two decades and it’s time for all of us to unite and try to make a change. This project may not be the solution, however, it’s one step closer towards turning the world into a better place”, says Jordana Guimaraes – founder of “The NYLON Project”.
This initiative will be created via various steps which include a photo-shoot of 25 influencers/VIPs where they will hold up cardboard signs with “real” stories”, of those who wound up living on the streets in comparison to a time in their lives where with a bad decision they could’ve wound up in the same situation. The celebrities will wear clothes & accessories by sponsored brands. Booklets will be created with these photos & distributed to press worldwide to create awareness via a “It Can Be You” collaborative campaign.
“It can be you… It can be me…. It can be any of us! Let’s stop judging and start trying to understand each other, to see how we can turn the problem into the solution”.
An outreach campaign will be assembled, to get celebrities/influencers on board speaking of why it’s important to help & hear the homeless around the world, rather than ignore.
Though celebrities and influencers are important to get messages out to the masses, it all starts with the people. Therefore, we want everyone who learns of The NYLON Project, to speak of their views on social media, using #itcanbeyou, so that it goes viral.
The initial goal of this project is to give out 1,500 meals. Each person who receives a meal, will tell us their story of how they wound up on the streets and this will be shared via an IG page which will entice everyone who gives a meal to start sharing their stories with us and with this, creating a community of people helping people.
This is how we will make this project possible:
We will host a New York Fashion Week show on February 7th, 2017, where 25 influencers and celebrities will walk the runway side by side with a homeless person, wearing sponsored brands. These brands will dress the celebrity as well as gift the homeless a piece from their collection so that they can use it once event is over, to go on a job interview and eventually get off the streets.
The intro to the runway show will be videos of VIPs speaking of their views on why “It Can Be You”.
Musicians, who currently perform on the streets of NYC as well as subway stations, will perform at this incredible event, along with world renowned artists including FAULKER, Che’Nelle + others.
50% of the proceeds that come in via sponsorships as well as tickets to the show, will go towards purchasing/distributing the meals as well as executing the campaign.
“The NYLON Project” logo – sponsored by CommGroup (design agency in Brazil) – was designed with a sidewalk perspective, since the streets are what the homeless call home.
“I’m excited to see where this goes. It starts with meals & awareness, however, the possibilities where this could lead are endless”.

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