The Drama Behind Frame NYC And the Mobwives!

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Frames NYC, which advertises itself as “the ultimate in nightlife and bowling” seemed like the perfect place for Mob Wives Ramona Rizzo, Karen Gravano, and Love Majewski to host their season premiere party.  With a private room to screen the premiere, an open bar for the 100 to 150 guests, bowling lanes, and catered food, the evening promised to be a great time for the cast and their attendees.  The star-studded guest list included celebs, football players and rappers.

What actually went down is a different story.

Two days before the event, Gravano’s publicist, Sibrena Stowe De Fernandez received an email from the venue’s Rep, Frayda Resnick, specifying that there were to be no rappers or “Love & Hip Hop” cast members in attendance.  They also denied a request to play hip hop music at the event.

Stowe De Fernandez was absolutely horrified, as L&HH’s Rashida Ali and Lore’l were amongst those invited, as was hip hop artist Fred the Godson. Mama Jones was also in attendance; she mentioned to Mob Wife Ramona Rizzo that her son, rapper Jim Jones, knew she was there and may stop by.

“I had to tell her that they might not let her son in and there might be a problem at the door,” Rizzo said. “How do I tell someone their son might not be allowed at my party?  How do I tell my close personal friends that they may have issues getting in?!”

“As soon as I heard that, I wanted to pull out,” Karen Gravano said.  “I have a record label; you’re going to tell me my artist can’t come to my party?”

As the evening went on, Gravano and Rizzo began to suspect racism and stereotyping on behalf of the venue.  Gravano’s boyfriend—who is not a rapper, but is black—was denied entry at first.  She had to leave her guests and go to the door, where she was overheard telling the doorman, “You better f***ing let my guests in and I don’t give a f*** about your dress code; this is fucking bowling alley and they have on jeans. That IS appropriate attire to bowl, you racist assholes. Don’t let me come back downstairs again because I’ll take my party elsewhere!”

Frayda Resnick made similar comments to members of the press that support Gravano’s line of thinking, asking that the venue “absolutely not be mentioned” on VIBE, EGL, or any other hip hop culture or “URBAN” websites because this was not their “target demographic.”

When asked why she banned rappers and “Love & Hip Hop” cast members, Resnick stated she “didn’t want to take the chance” and then cited the infamous Chris Brown and Drake fight that took place at W.i.P.  She also mentioned that before she was employed by the Venue, that “Love and Hip Hop” cast members were reportedly rude to the staff,  but could offer no other reason as to why she didn’t want rappers or people affiliated with L&HH attending.

This claim holds no weight with the Mob Wives.

“’L&HH’ is on the same network as ours.  My friends are on that show and Rashida and Lore’l have both made appearances on my show.  To deny them entry is beyond me.  Angela Yee of “The Breakfast Club” (who is also Lore’l’s manager) is hosting her birthday party at this same place tomorrow; her whole demographic is hip hop.  What are they going to tell her?” Rizzo wondered.


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