Tameka Foster Loses Custody

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The drama between Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka  Foster  is worst  than OBEAH. Last year Tameka lost custody of her boys to R&B singer Usher during their public divorce. The irony of the story is, Tameka also lost her eldest son in a freak drowning accident and was called an unfit mother by Usher’s team.
Well now the table has turned, and now one of  the sons  that Usher got custody of nearly drowned in his pool while he wasn’t home; the child was in the care of  his aunt. Thank God he is alive, and will be OK.
Tameka requested a hearing on Friday, but with her money not as big as Usher’s, once again she lost. We all need to learn from this, the things we love the most can be gone in a blink of an eye.  And we can only make our relationship work if we want to. Tameka got her beating for taking Chilli’s man and Usher got his by God showing him that accidents do happen. Stop using the kids as a ploy. Usher with all the money you have, it’s okay to give Tameka some.  Always remember KARMA IS A BITCH!

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