Tamar Braxton vs K.Mitchelle

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Braxton Family Values” star Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle are not quite friendly these days as legal threats begin to fly around!

Apparently Tamar didn’t like being called a ‘muppet’, and decided to file a “Cease And Desist” order from her New York lawyers yesterday over comments and threats from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star K. Michelle has made about her on Twitter. 

Seemingly, when “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” premiered last week, cast member -K. Michelle allegedly accused her ex-manager and ex-boyfriend of abusing her mentally and physically.  Although, she didn’t mention the person’s name (record exec Memphitz’s), everyone knew exactly who she was speaking of since he was the only one that played both roles in her life at the time. Not to mention, she made similar allegations over a year ago via Twitter!

However, Tamar tweeted to fans around the same time the show aired: ‘that people need to just let the “girl” live her fairytale.’ It’s no secret Tamar is good friends with Memphitz’s wife, Toya; she also appeared on her show “Tiny & Toya”. Viewers presumed she was taking up for Toya’s husband and accusing K. Michelle of lying because of her tweets against her.

Furious about Tamar’s tweets and comments, K. Michelle went on TT Torrez’s show and said “she ‘jumps gates’ and Tamar looks like a ‘muppet’ and needs to fall back.”  Damn is this going to lead into another Reality TV show brawl?!!

Well, According to the ‘Cease & Desist order against K. Michelle, Tamar was speaking about Toya!! She claims she was defending her friend against people attacking her about her husband and their Paris vacation they were on at the time!!

Well to think about it, Tamar didn’t tweet anything regarding K. Michelle’s allegations towards Memphitz, it was just during the time the show aired! Not quite sure why K. Michelle backlashed at Tamar?! Was she annoyed that she was defending Toya in general?!!

Here is some of the Cease & Desist order:


“In the Interview, you claim, inter alia, that Mrs. Braxton sent a tweet to Toya Wright about you in which you claim Mrs. Braxton said “Oh have fun and let this girl sell her fairy tale” despite the fact that the tweet in no way referenced you and was in fact sent to Ms. Wright while she was on vacation and referred to Mrs. Braxton’s wish for Ms. Wright that her vacation be like a fairy tale. Furthermore, in the interview, you stated “I’m from Memphis, we jump gates! We don’t play in them little games. So until the muppet gets it together, she needs to stay away from me”.

Making threats of violence against an individual is a crime and while it is clear that your threats are directed at Mrs. Braxton, referring to Mrs. Braxton as a “muppet” is defamatory. In an effort to gain celebrity for yourself you have perpetuated and magnified provocative, unsubstantiated allegations while simultaneously making criminal threats.”






So in a nut shell, it sounds like Tamar is annoyed that K. Michelle threatened to fight her and publicly called her a “muppet!”  So now she wants a public apology and money to hire a “reputation management firm” to clear up her name!


Did K. Michelle over think Tamar’s tweet?!! Is Tamar over re-acting because she is embarrassed about her referrencing her to a muppet?! What are your views on this..
**So far there hasn’t been any response from K. Michelle, but as soon as words drop…we’ll keep you informed. TBC!

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