Tamar and Vince @ Club Amenesia NYC sept 22nd

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Well with all the drama and rain there was last night, I had to clear my head. So I picked up my paring pee Tania who had her own drama and head out to the city to pass through Tamar Braxton party at club Amenesia on west 29th street. Well after driving around for almost one hour we decided the only way we were going to get to this party is to find a parking. West 29 St was blocked off from eleven St, so the only way in was driving  illegally up the one way from the west side. Well with time against us, we did just that, lol, luckily we met a security guard  who promise us that we could park on the block without the fear of being towed.


  When we got to the club, there was a long awaiting line of people who missed the free guest list which close off at 12.30 am. I know you think we had to join the line, hell to the no!that’s not how Glam roll. Promoter Keno member of Nyc Klub Kingz  came and got us and escort us into the V.IP upstairs. Nothing was popping in v.ip and by the look of the casual looking patrons we almost thought this was going to be a big waste of time. As the night progress the club started to pop and I decided to take pictures of few of the fashionable patrons. Doing that was like searching for a needle in a Haystack.When we arrived back into VIP Tamar and her hubby Vince had arrived and was surrounded by a  body of powerful looking body guards. Knowing me I shout out to  Vince and  to my amazed he came out of his secure space to greet us, well we shook hands and took pictures, I glanced over to see if  Tamar was giving us any of her .com faces for mingling with her hubby, lol


  Tamar got up and gave us a hug and our fake radar buzzer did not go off, she was so warm and welcoming. She looked amazing, she wore a bright pink tight  fitted to the bone dress and her  blond hair not sure if it was lace front or weave was done to the tees,that’s what we call real human hair. Her makeup was not overdone and her cheekbone which was accented by her light rouge which  made them look like they would cut you.She and Vince looked thinner in person, Vince wore a plaid shirt maybe it was Burberry.

Well I guess VIP was not happening for Tamar because soon after, they were escorted through the crowd downstairs where they took camp at a regular table area.That was so nice of them, now their fans could be up and personal with them.

Let’s rewind,do you all remember my first impression of the patrons when we got in, casual,dress down, t-shirts, sneakers you  name it. Well hun we under estimate the crowd,because all we could see was waitresses caring lighted bottles through the crowd,at one time I really  thought the club was literally on fire.All corners had their own crew and v.ip upstairs should not be called v.ip, because downstairs gave it a run. So I guess now I can say never judge a book by the cover.

Tamar and Vince looked liked they were having a great time, we stopped by took our last sets of pictures and knew it was time to cut. Remember Glam’s number one VIP rule, never let the lights come on and you still there.

On our way home, we knew  the night out with all our personal drama was well worth it. Well Tamar and Vince  on We TV Thursday night will be on the top of our favorite reality show.

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