Tailor Swift needs Doctor Phil!

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Tailor swift must be the author of bad romance!!! She is only 22 and since the age of 16, she has been writing about broken hearts and songs about her current/past love interest. If all of her inspiration derives from her relationships, then she really needs ‘Doctor Phil’! She seems to be a girl who wears her heart on her sleeves always looking for love in the wrong places. She is a talented girl with so much emotional baggage at such a tender age. Reports has stated that when she is not dating, she is sometimes confused about her ‘next’ outfit to wear because she can’t photograph twice in the same outfit-So rich but so sad!! Money really can’t buy love, and she formally wears the title “The poor little rich girl”.

Tailor explained the Red album title relates to the intensity of her emotions during a series of failed relationships that were often very public. “All those emotions,” she said, “spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion, in my mind, all those emotions are red. There’s nothing in between; there is nothing beige about any of those feelings. Glam has never seen another young artist with so much relationship issues. The only difference between her and Rihanna is her good girl image. So innocent and girlish that we all have overlooked the fact that she is not a perfect example for her fans. Her relationship falls apart because everyman, who dates her, is afraid that their business will be made into a song. That’s a lot of burden to carry around. ‘Dear John, I knew you were trouble, you’re not sorry, cold as you, last kiss, our song and we are not getting back together again,’ are some of the many titles that would make any man run.

Glam can only pray that Tailor fines love soon but in the right place, and we are not talking her rumored puppy love from the boy band ‘One Direction’. She needs a real man who can help to guide her in the right direction.

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