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On Thursday, March 24th SX Liquors #SXIntheCity kicked off the ultimate “Throwback Thursday” in Times Square as the I Love the 90’s Tour Kickoff Party came to the W Times Square with Salt-N-Pepa & Friends! The new line of premium spirits kept it extra SeXy as some of the biggest stars of 90’s Hip-hop descended on the elegant space elevated above the crossroad of the world.


The intimate event in The Living Room Bar & Lounge located in W Times Square saw the group celebrating the start of their brand new tour, which will include Salt N Pepa as headliners as well as other top 90’s acts such Vanilla Ice, Coolio, and Kid N Play. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Salt N Pepa’s 1986 debut album Hot, Cool & Vicious. As a recent premiere partner of SX Liquors, W Times Square is set to host a number of exciting SX events in the future. A soulful sanctuary within the city, it is situated close to museums, Times Square, Broadway and the business district. No matter what inspires you, W Times Square indulges your passion just as SX indulges your palette!

By the late ’80s, hip-hop was on its way to becoming a male-dominated art form, which is what made the emergence of Salt-n-Pepa so significant. As the first all-female rap crew (even their DJs were women) of importance, the group broke down a number of doors for women in hip-hop. They were also one of the first rap artists to cross over into the pop mainstream, laying the groundwork for the music’s widespread acceptance in the early ’90s. Salt-n-Pepa were more pop-oriented than many of their contemporaries, since their songs were primarily party and love anthems, driven by big beats and interlaced with vaguely pro-feminist lyrics that seemed more powerful when delivered by the charismatic and sexy trio. While songs like “Push It” and “Shake Your Thang” made the group appear to be a one-hit pop group during the late ’80s, Salt-n-Pepa defied expectations and became one of the few hip-hop artists to develop a long-term career. Along with LL Cool J, the trio had major hits in both the ’80s and ’90s, hitting the height of their popularity in 1994, when “Shoop” and “Whatta Man” drove their third album, Very Necessary, into the Top Ten. Throughout their career, they’ve won five awards: Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group (1995), MTV Video Music Award for Best Electronic Dance Music Video (1994), MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography (1994), MTV Video Music Award for Best R&B Video (1994) and BET Hip Hop Awards I Am Hip-Hop Icon Award (2010).

With several of the era’s most popular musical icons hitting the road to celebrate the decade that inspired powerful contributions to fashion, music and pop culture, SX Liquors’ event at W Times Square was the perfect way to celebrate the start of what is sure to be an incredible experience! The I Love the 90s Tour, represented by Universal Attractions Agency, kicks off April 15 in Greenville, SC!

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