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swimwear and you

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The heat is driving everyone to take it all off and to soak up the sun in great swim wear. This season is all about decorative and exotic designs. Although the two piece swim suit is here to stay, the one piece swimsuits are in right now. It’s all about trendy and glamorous swimsuits with ton of embellishments and accessories. When shopping for swim suits, remember to take note of your body shape. Never wear something you think looks great- ‘thinking’ is not good enough- always ask for a second opinion because you don’t want to wear something that’s unflattering.
And if you are strapped for cash, add belts, scarfs, sun glasses, or bags and shawls to give your washed up swimwear a new trendy look. Swimsuits are on the list of a girl’s best friend so wear it well with confidence!

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