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  The show was a theatrical, elegant, production of style, music and drama. It could be described as a combination of a Broadway musical and an Alexander McQueen fashion show, but most importantly this was a charity event for the fight against the terrible, non-discriminating killer, CANCER. A cause that is very dear to me.


Styletainment  the show  Traveling showcase  production is the brainchild and baby project of Award Winning Fashion Designer and cancer survivor, Missouri. Kudos Missouri, you looked absolutely stunning, and a job well done! The host was Ms. Joyce Hancock‘The Lady with the Golden Voice’, I could sit and listen to that voice all day; very soothing. Her outfit was also very fabulous, a mixture of elegance and couture, also a creation of none other than the owner and producer, Missouri. The evening continued on the climate of elegance, lots of entertainment and drama.The models were very attractive and the pieces were very dramatic, but also realistic. They were extremely versatile, which was one of the features that I found very interesting. I loved the idea that one piece could be transformed into many outfits, suited for different occasions. The colors were very bold and vibrant.

Styletainment the show  was full of creativity; the collection was inspired by different themes, such as ‘All about Me, Sex in the City, Living It Up, Fashion Sizzle, Pink Sensation and Lounge to Cruise.’ I had many favorites!

Well, Styletainment the show Traveling showcase , I’m looking forward to your next event, where I know it will be bigger and even better.


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