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New York,After setting the internet abuzz last year with the leaked single Hot Metal and landing a coveted slot as the lead singer on Hip-Hop superstar Eminem’s upcoming international tour, Brooklyn native Sky Heavens is back, today announcing he release of the first single, Hollywood off her forthcoming EP Luz on August 8th. 

With Hot Metal, which contained an Eminem sample, spreading like wildfire through the social media sphere (amassing over 40,000 views on YouTube alone) and a rapidly growing fan base clamoring for new music, Sky Heavens was quickly earmarked as one to watch on the music scene. However, the tragic death of her mother last May halted the young singer’s plans and she put her EP on hold.  Now, she has regrouped and is channeling her devastating experiences into her music, putting the final touches on her debut EP Luz aptly titled after her mother.

“Ever since my mother was first hospitalized five years ago until the day she passed in May of 2012, I felt like I was living in the dark” says Sky. “Luz was my mother’s name and it also means light in Spanish. So, now, a year later, I have finally found closure and the way I look at it is that I’m now living in Luz or light because my mom is with my every day.  This past year has been one of huge changes for me and everything in this LP is about all of these transformative experiences. Since this is my first EP, it’s people’s first real introduction to me and I want my music to speak for me. The way I best communicate and express myself is through music.”

In her music, the stunning Latin beauty embraces her various influences, creating a stylistically diverse sound that celebrates her Puerto Rican background as well as her multi-cultural upbringing, fusing pulsating Caribbean rhythms with the catchiness of pop tunes, the heart of Alternative/Soul music and the edgy and confidence of hip-hop; all wrapped around her rich vocals. She describes her music as “glamorous, fun, sexy, but also introspective and soulful.” Hollywood, the first single from Luz, is representative of the direction of the EP as well as this unique and eclectic sound that Sky has created. The track’s pulsating beat and catchy hook, make it a sure bet as a future club banger.

 Hollywood is like a big middle finger to an ex or to anyone who comes in your life and tries to drain you with negativity. Those red flags are always there in the beginning, so as soon as I see them the lights completely shut OFF!!! Lol We always know when something not right, you have to listen and pay attention to your intuition. “Can’t no other  __ ever ruin my heart, if u really want me better use that thought” some lyrics. It’s definitely an anthem record and fans that have heard the record say that they really relate to it. It’s such a fun record I had a great time recording it”

In addition to releasing her own music, Sky will also be very busy this summer as the lead vocalist on an international tour with Eminem. Two years ago, the multi-talented singer first caught the ear of Eminem and was soon handpicked to join the star’s Recovery band as the sole vocalist. She wowed audiences at NYC’s Yankee Stadium, when she joined Eminem on stage for a rendition of “Stan” as part of his Home & Home Tour with Jay Z.

Sky Heavens is no stranger to the music industry. She received her first big break with R&B star Carl Thomas as a background vocalist. During this time, she also had an opportunity to work with former Fugees front man, Wyclef Jean on vocal production and writing, eventually landing a gold plaque as a songwriter for Heather Headley’s song “How Many Ways”. Sky went on to work and tour extensively-nationally and internationally- with some of the biggest names in music such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Melanie Fiona, Robin Thicke, Kanye West and Alicia Keys. She also toured with Far East Movement as a featured artist which included performing their hit “Like a G6”, which also aired on MTV Push.Sky has made numerous appearances on national/international TV platforms including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with David Letterman, Good Morning America, Good Day New YorkSaturday Night Live, MTV UK, BET’s 106 & Park, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Fallon, and the list goes on.


Ms. Heavens is also working on other projects outside of music including her own non for profit organization, S.H.E. (Sky Heavens Empowerment), focused on bringing awareness to domestic violence of which she has also been a victim of in the past.


To listen to Hollywood, please visit: https://soundcloud.com/skyheavens/hollywood/s-jvZva

For more information about Sky Heavens, please visit her websitewww.skyheavens.com  

Songwriters : Janet Sewell Ulepic (3xgrammy songwriter co-wrote/coproduced jay z empire state of mind), David Lassifer, Sky Heavens

Producers : Oneya & Slobodan of Bassivity

Follow Sky Heavens:

Facebook.com/Sky HeavensXO

Twitter: @SkyHeavensXO

Instagram @SkyHeavens

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