Serena Williams Signature Statement New York Fashion Week After-Party

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A-List Communications and STYLE360 hosts HSN and Serena Williams Signature Statement New York Fashion Week After-Party on September 9th, 2014 at Level R (The Empire Rooftop). With all the commotions the night before at the Carmen Electra party, Serena’s party was under tight security.  The media list was cut and only the chosen few had a chance in.  Serena wore white shorts and a black top. Her sculptured body tell the tale of a true champion. With all the securities that surrounded her forbidden ground it was hard for anyone to mingle with her.  With a pot of “HOPE” and a dash of “I CAN’ and my friend  Khyrie Alleyne  I got my pictures. lol

Congrats to Serena Williams for winning the 2014 US Opening  18th  Grand  Slam title.

Celebrity pic of the night included Actor Leon Robinson, reality star Tashera Simmons, reality star Nikko and Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton

Makeup Credit:  Sweetdreamsmakeup.com

Special thanks to Flora Theden  and Christina  Chapman from Brandswaycreative.com for the invite.   Special notice to Steven Lloyd  and his staffs from Hello who showed me mad love.

Ps: Wish I had more pictures highlights, but with the no cameras allowed rule, things were tight. lol


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