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Royal Celebration For Model Prakash Patil

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Celebrating his Birthday for a noble cause to raise funds for Charity.
To Ensure Entry kindly RSVP to link below and Please Donate to the Charity.


“Down in their hearts, wise human know this truth: the only way to help yourself is to help others”

Please Note Its a Black Tie event .

Red Carpet 5.30m pm – 7pm

Press and media please email ppatil2737@gmail.com

Exclusive Fashion Show by Celebrity Designers – Cesar Galindo ,Corey Rogers and Moksha Coture by Soniya
Ganesh Vandana (Opening Act) – Navrang Dance Academy
Bollywood Dance – Anik, Afrida
Bollywood Fusion Dance Performance – Nisha Kalamdani
Marathi Lavani Dance – Westchester Lavani Group
Belly Dance – Calypso Guo
M C by Juhi Jagiasi & Angela Kumar
DJ – Music Life Got Entertainment.

Guest Appearance by

Miss World Caribbean, Miss New York Grand International, Miss South Asia, Miss International Kebaya, Miss Nigeria, Miss Delaware USA, Mr. Dilip Chauhan -Prominent South Asian Community Leader, Christian Ruart – Celebrity Stylist Bravo TV Atlanta House Wives, Naila Alam – Recipient of The White House Award, Yasmen Durrani – CEO & Founder of Express Care, Karen Opong – Youth representative National Council of Women of US , Promela Suri – President Society for Promotion of Indian Culture (SPICE-Indian Club) in the United Nations (More names to come)

Food Sponsor
The Varli vision was born with a commitment to sensationalizing the cuisines she grew up loving and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to appreciate all that these foods have to offer. Varli’s mission is to serve as the ultimate guide to great Indian dining, and to significantly raise people’s awareness and appreciation for Indian cuisine around the world. Our ventures are focused on education, information, and best of all eating.
Charity Foundation http://www.diyasaveachild.org/

Cesar Galindo – One of Famous Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Designer. CESAR GALINDO is an accomplished dedicated fashion designer. He is a master tailor, a skilled draper, and a creative visionary with ease for styles, colors, textures and designs. He’s been impeccably designing dresses, gowns & suitings with the Galindo trademark of orchestrated seams, one-seam garments, and engineered doses of lux architecture for the last 23 years. In addition to designing his own collection, he is also a contract designer for private clients such as Joan Jett, Courtney Cox, Madonna, and for established labels including, L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, Dolce & Gabbana where he designed predominately for celebrities for nine years followed by seven seasons for Calvin Klein Collection under the design direction of Francisco Costa.
Corey Roger – Studied Art at the Cincinnati Art Academy Fashion at Pratt Institute. Worked with and interned with various designers namely Cynthia Rowley, Betsey Johnson,Zoe Twitt and Catherine Malandrino. Corey was inspired and decided better off work in on own. On a small budget of course started in 2012 since that time worked with some amazing and generous fab people of Fashion Avenue News Magazine and Poursuit de la Mode. Fashion shoots, magazines and runway work

Prakash Patil – He is International Model, Actor, Dancer and software engineer. He is Winner of Mr. India Galaxy, Mr. South Asian Prince USA, Jewel of India Calendar Hunt etc. Recipient of many awards to name a few like International Model of the Year from New York Fashion Awards, Fashion Rock star of the Year from Unsung Heroes, Young Entrepreneur of the Year etc. Appreciation/ Guest of Honor at /from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Izhar E Ishq reality show, International Lions Club Menlo Park, I Make Over International Fashion Fest, Indian Association of Long Island, Indo American Festivals.

Soniya – Renaissance woman extraordinaire and founder of Moksha Couture®. Author, Actor, Model, Entrepreneur, and Designer; Soniya has been a lover of arts since young. This hidden gem is currently writing her first novel and producing her silver screen premier – Torn. She has been creating and modeling her own wearable masterpieces since childhood in Guyana. Soniya is now unveiling hints of her personal couture globally before it makes its debut in Torn. Every unprecedented treasure from each collection (Before the Clock Strikes Midnight ®, Once Upon a Time ®, and Divinity®) seamlessly intertwines unparalleled style with desirous detail.

Moksha means liberation from the cycle of rebirth and it truly represents what Moksha Couture is all about. Each is a unique, timeless, masterfully woven fantasy worthy of museums.

Moksha Couture however is not meant to just admired but released; draping over the curves of a woman, caressing and embracing the contours of supple flesh.

Enjoy this sneak peak of Moksha Couture’s ultra-exclusive Once Upon A Time collection. Spun of the most sheik fabrics and tailored by wishful dreams to unveil the Queen you were always meant to be.

All creations are born from passionate creativity and an infinitely vivid imagination. Moksha Couture – Designed to Reign…

Summon Moksha Couture at info@mokshacouture.com

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