Rihanna 777 tour turned into 666 for her fans!

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Rihanna 777 tour turned into a disaster for her fans and the media that went to support the show! Now that it’s all over, they must be breathing a big sighs of relief. Well Glam learned that the up close and personal with Rihanna never really happened for her faithful fans. The lack of food, sleep, and missing –Rihanna, had them posting missing person flyers of Rihanna. Thank god we were not one of the chosen few, because with Glam’s mouth, RiRi would have thrown Glam off the plane.

Well it turns out our girl -Riri whose album title: ‘Unapologetic’, had a change of heart and issued an apology to them. Insisting her missing in action was cause by her getting rest. Glam is sure the fans won’t hold it against their girl, and maybe next time instead of a tour, maybe a vacation would be better?!

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