Rick Ross And Friends Concert Didn’t Live Up To The Hype!

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mavadoRICK ROSS AND FRIENDS  SPRING INVASION 2K13 CONCERT at the Nassau Coliseum  was GONE WITH THE WIND UNFABULOUS,  press check in time closed at 7pm. For all who arrived after, the drama for them began. The press room was like a prisoner cell with two security standing guard. We were only allowed in the concert area for the first   three songs of each performers. The worst part was the section that they had in mind for us,  was all the way in the back of the stadium. Only the media who had the real big zoom lenses stand any chance of capturing the essence of the performers.
The only decorations or red carpet in the press room were the bloggers and medias, who were restless. On our arrival, we were given brief orders as to which chosen media each artist were to be interviewed by. Rick Ross made it clear he wasn’t doing any interviews due to all the drama surrounding him.  That was the first slapped in the face, because they only choose the more established ones.  In the end the chosen few didn’t get their interview either.
All night the event publicist was all over the place trying to get us artists to interview. I can’t even blame her, with the distance between the press room and back stage, she had a lot of ground to cover. With nothing popping and no celebrities to talk to, I decided to interview the press. That I must say went very well.  Gossip game, Viv was in the house and was very taken back when I requested to interview her. With no food or water provision we made the best of what we had.
Special shout out to Mavado and  rapper Livewire who showed us love by coming through the press room.  New artist Young Dudus MMG felt he had arrived and even after getting BOOED  and a water bottle thrown at him, we were told  no interview. Poor thing, I am sure that  his management made that decision, not sure why.  At this  stage in his career he need all the interviews and promotions he can get.
With the limit amount of access, I cannot  share any real  highlight from the concert.  To the promoters next time you decide to do a large production, make sure everything is in place. Like the saying goes” Many will try  to run the race, but in the end only the strong survive”
Special shout out to Ash Kalmar  my production manager who was escorted  into the arena from a  line of angry  media houses and guests trying to get in.  Heard they blamed the PR for favoritism.  Poor thing she didn’t even know him.(Laughing)   Special thanks to my makeup artist   Mandisa Duperval, Storm PR, Mspenny, Donna Ray, Prince, and Erin from Nassau Coliseum.

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