“Pumkash” launch Party Hosted by Mama Jones was a mess!

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Well I am so drained by Mama Jones Pumkash perfume launch party. I don’t know where to begin. The much anticipated perfume Pumpkass did not lived up to the hype.  The production team should be blamed for misunderstanding the concept of a launch. The event took placed at club Albella NYC.  Glam’s understanding of this event was we were going to be introduced to Reality star Mama Jones of Vh1 Love and Hip Hop NYC new perfume.

When we arrived and entered the Venue, we knew that our night was not going to be the same.  There was nothing to create any ambiance. No balloons, no forms of decor, not even a display table. We were so confused as to why we were there.  The step and repeat had guests taking pictures of themselves and with the lack of information, many guests sat in their own little clicks.

Mama Jones manager D. Ellis was very attentive to our needs, but we could see he was under pressure. As the night rolled on and the DJ decided to blast his best Dance hall music, we almost forgot what the event was about.  There was no one giving out any updates over the mic as to why the host Mama Jones has not arrived. Hours drift by and we could see the restlessness of the guests.

I then asked for a sample of the perfume which was taken from a crushed plastic bag next to the DJ and proceeded  to let some of the guests sample it. The fragance was very good with a lemon and rose aroma.  About 1am Mama Jones arrived fashionable late to an event that will be over at 2 am to greet her tired guests and to take pictures.

She wore a tight red dress and her tiny frame carried the dress well. With all the waiting, we had enough and left.

Glam’s advice to Mama Jones is you have a platform to be great and to take your brand to the next level. This launch did not cut it! How can you have a launch party without the products on display? Please get a professional team of people to do over your launch. Where were your celebrity friends and cast members?  Glam loves you and will always support you but this event was not happening.   And PS: Next time never charged your guest money to attend a launch party. When you gives someone a sample make sure the  product’s name is on the container. Special shout out to  publicist MsPenny and Artist Zieme.IMG_2676_resizeIMG_2662_resize

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