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Tyyan Williams is on the move and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!  She is the founding member of the spunky girl group PS Dolls.. Tyyan, aka, Pinky Doll got her start at the tender age of five when she burst onto the scene as a model/actress. Four years later, at the tender age of 9, she set her sights on the fashion industry, embarking on a career as a youth fashion designer.

This successful and talented pre-teen, hails from Newark, New Jersey, a city synonymous with great talent, among them, the likes of Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, Tisha Campbell and more. With over 25 fashion shows under her belt, since her debut on the runway at the age of two, Tyyan has proven that her success is no fluke and with the launch of her clothing line, Pinky Sez, she is ready to take the fashion industry by storm.

To those who know this fashion-forward DIVA, it’s no surprise that she has taken to fashion designing. The vivacious tween LOVES fashion and always had a vocal say in the types of outfits she models. It is no wonder then that Tyyan has decided to create Pinky Sez, a line designed for young girls, promoting fun and positivity through trendy, colorful clothing. Young girls everywhere will be allowed to showcase their personalities and individual identities through Pinky Sez, with its vibrant designs and imaginative pieces. Pinky Sez debuted in 2010 and since then has been featured on shows such as the FIT Fashion student show, Caribbean Catwalk, Harlem Fashion Week, Fashion On the Hudson, Stride against Childhood Cancer, Young Fashionistas Stepping Out and several more. Tyyan has also graced the pages of several magazines including GLOBAL BIZ, Village Voice and Fashion Avenue Magazines.

You would think a successful musical career and a budding fashion career would be more than enough for an 11-year-old, but Tyyan is not satisfied. This determined go-getter is also a pageant queen, having won four pageants in between 2010 and 2011. These include, 2013 FAN Young Designer Award “Fashion Avenue News”,  “Outstanding Youth Award” , ELITE STARS, CHRISTIAN PRE TEEN, CREATIV KIDS and JUST FOR YOU EXPO KIDS. This promising star has also been on the big screen, with appearances on  the hit tv show Law and Order SVU, CBS’ The Gifted Man and NYC 22 and apart of as Jazz Fingers  Annie “Hard Knocks Life” starring Jaimie Fox.

With all she has going on, Tyyan still finds time to record uplifting music with messages of anti-bullying and pro-self esteem with her upcoming girl group, PS Dolls. Born out of a concept created by Urban Fame Media, the PS Dolls have been making waves ever since they came together. Always promoting the anti-bullying message, these seven incredibly talented young girls are a motivation and inspiration to tweens all across the country and indeed the world. Their signature sound and hip dance moves have made them a You tube sensation and they are currently on 20`3 – 2014 Anti Bully Jam Tour performing at Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, Gramercy Theater NYC and appear on  REALITY DANCE.NET PS PARTY STARTERS TV show, an American Band-style television show  where they dance, interview celebrities and perform their music.

The PS Dolls are Tyyan Williams, a.k.a Pinky Doll, Da Shana May a.k.a Spunky Doll, Amari Bruno a.k.a Doll J’ , Natyely Frias a.k.a Sparkle Doll,  Auset Wells a.k.a Sassy Doll, Keyara Angelina Dingle a.k.a Swag Doll ,and Aleah a.k.a Klassy Doll

Paulette A. Jones, CEO/Co-Founding Partner
Urban FAME Media Group, Inc.
Pinky Sez Dolls, LLC   Reality FAME TV

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