People Magazine crowned Channing Tatum sexiest man alive-Alive?!

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People magazine must think they are the answer to the secret of mankind, lol. Channing is indeed a sexy man, but not the sexiest person alive!! They should do a worldwide search. Wonder how Channing feels about such a title. Now his poor wife have to worry about males and females coming at her man.
We wonder what does the word ‘sexy’ mean to them?!- is it the shape of your body, your smile, your accomplishments or your attraction to the opposite sex. To give someone this title you should do a poll and let the readers vote. At the end of each year since 1985, the Magazine selects the Man they assume is the sexiest man alive. Looking back at all the winners, it is a shame that there have only been one black actor to hold that title. Denzel Washington won the title in 1996 and Glam believed they had no choice- he was that good. With all the leading black attractive men in Hollywood, it puzzles us that although they make up the list, they are not the front runners. George Clooney, Johnny Debb and Brad Pitt are all two time winners. We are so caught up with what Hollywood think is ‘beauty and sex appeal’ that we overlook what makes us beautiful!

Being sexy is not derived from plastic surgeries, nor is it about the biggest boobs or ass! Sexy is an internal energy that shines from within, it is the sparks that attract others to you. Take for instance- Rihanna and Kelly Rowland, two beautiful women with great bodies. But ask yourself which have sex appeal and the answer would be Rihanna. So Glam hopes People magazine will take a better look next time and maybe allow their readers the rights to nominate and vote.

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