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Oaktown’s 357 will be honored at the 3rd Female Hip Hop Honor Awards

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Years after their revered debut single ” “Yeah Yeah Yeah” which was the groups first single, reaching number one on the Hot Black Singles chart, the highly entertaining group Oaktown’s 357 is back together.  Sweet L.D. & Terrible T are back together to bring you entertainment that you have grown to love from the legendary group.  Armed with a new sound and a fun vibe they plan on making another mark in the world of entertainment.

About Oaktown 357:

Oaktown’s 357; Sweet L.D., Lil’ P, and Terrible T, were the background dancers for M.C. Hammer. Soon after performing locally and across the country they were given the opportunity to show off another one of their talents, Rapping. Hammer was looking to produce a Female Rap group that could also dance. He was struck with the idea to produce his background dancers once he heard Lil’ P playfully rapping a Salt n’ Pepa tune, Tramp during a rehearsal.

Oaktown’s 357 recorded and released two albums, “Wild and Loose” and “Fully Loaded”. Although Lil’ P left before the filming of the video to their single ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ from the ‘Wild and Loose’ album, Terrible T and Sweet L.D. continued to carry the torch making the group successful and well received with audiences as far as Japan.

Terrible T and Sweet L.D. were released from their record and management contract with Bust It Records/Management in the 1990’s. Fast forward to the year 2011, the group has reunited with the members Lil’ P and Sweet L.D. picking up where Terrible T and Sweet L.D. left off. Much to the delight of the ladies, their fan base is still established, interested and very supportive of the ladies performing and touring again.


Currently Oaktown’s 357 will be honored at the 3rd Female Hip Hop Honor Awards as pioneers in the music business.  They also plan on doing a number of shows and letting the world know they still got it.

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