NYC Jr Smith birthday bash 2012

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NYC  Knicks Jr Smith birthday bash at club providence was crazy,glam arrived to a long line  of patrons trying to get in. Well thanks to promoter Nigel L, we were given exclusive treatment and were escorted into real VIP and what I mean by that is, you know the VIP that’s in the VIP, lol. Well the red rope and the 300-pound bouncer you knew you have arrived. As my divas and I got situated we saw Actor Julito McCullum (namond) from the movie the Wire lounging in one of the many VIP booths. Guests started to arrive and from the look of things, everyone wanted to get behind the red lines. Jr Smith and his friends arrived to sparkle champagne bottles and took a few pictures with their fans.

DJ Legend and DJ Kulcha brought the house down with hits after hits. As the party unwind it was time to go,Glam’s number one rule as VIP is never to let the light come on when you party,its a big no! Always leave before. Shout out to my girl Spindarella original member of salt & Pepa, Security House, Empire Entity, Joe Jackson and Showcase entertainment. With the day activities my body knew it was time to rest and my paring pee Tanya kept me awake on our way driving home  by conversation about everything we could talk about,lol.


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