Nicki Minaj album “Re -up” or “Re – down”

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So it looks like the ‘Harajuku Barbie’- Nicki Minaj Mania is dying down or her loyal fans are either fed up of her bashing lyrics and/or stale English imitation voice?!!

Well her Pink Friday Roman Reloaded “The Re- up” is not doing so well. The Pink Friday Roman Reloaded released on April 2nd, and it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 selling 253,000 in the first week. Then it went platinum selling 1 million units in the U.S. Guess she felt like ‘The Re-up’ would’ve traveled to the moon. Unfortunately for her, there is no up…only down! Nicki Minaj is now placing the blame on Target and Wal-Mart?!! When asked why the album wasn’t doing so well she said, “Well the stores basically said that the last two releases they put out did not do so well and they weren’t taking any chances”. Target and Wal-Mart copped out of selling the album.

Nicki’s personality has become un-bearable, with her reality show showing how bitchy and demanding she is, and some believe her endorsement of Romney pulled her down! Glam believes she lost some fans due to her attitude and publicly mixing politics with business. Moreover, her single –‘Freedom’ disses other artists calling them “no-bodies”. With her new over the top perfume, we are sure she won’t go broke, so there are no worries. But we hope this humbles her to understand- just like every other artist, they all have relevant and irrelevant days. Everyone is somebody, and it only takes two poor failing albums to put you on the list of the ‘used to be artists’. So take Glam’s advice, the same love you have for your fans, show the same respect and love to other artists that came before you. Because if it wasn’t for them- You wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity you have now!

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