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Natalia Segura

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Natalia Segura is the free-spirited artist both an actress and musician born in Australia with El Salvadorian roots. Growing up in Australia, Natalia was heavily known in the small latino scene singing in festivals and latin nights since the age of 13. After highschool she moved to Uruguay in (2006) then briefly to Argentina. After leaving Argentina, Natalia traveled throughout Latin America (Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala)  in 2006 before arriving to New York in 2007. Throughout her travels, she constantly fed her passion for music by learning the local tastes and musical styles to adapt to her own song writing and well-rounded musical, political and spiritual vision. During her first stint living in New York, Natalia worked with UnivisionRadio and Garnier 100% Hair Color as a featured artist on their “Emerging Artist” campaign. A year later, Natalia returned to her Australian home briefly before coming back to the US in 2008 to develop her career. Without any plans except to pursue her dreams of making music, Natalia made ends meet in New York by working and living in hostels. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, Natalia secured an audition and subsequently a deal with an acting agency in New York, which has led her to multiple acting gigs. 

Natalia’s acting spans television, feature films in comedy, as well as foreign films. Natalia appeared on Blue Bloods (2012) and Da Brick (directed by Spike Lee) in 2011, a pilot or HBO that was never released. She was cast as Paula in John Leguizamo’s Fugly! (To be Released 2013), as well as French film Chinese Puzzle (release; october 2013) and . “A pebble of love in the shoe of my life” (release 2014). She now continues to pursue her passion for “making the world a better place through loving intentions” as her strong message in her forthcoming feel-good-pop album, due out later this year.

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