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Mob Wives Season 3 Recap

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mobwives3-FinaleWith all the drama surrounding Mob Wives Season 3. It is obvious that Love Majewski was the break out star.  With all the plots and fights, the story lines were center around Carla and Love beefing. Thank God for over dramatic crazy Love who save this season. With Drita signing a peace treaty with Ramona and friends, their wasn’t much to look for.  Renee’s journey to rehab was more heartfelt than a real plot. This season Big Ang was more the two timer friend between Carla and Love, after the way how she pushed Love under the bus since the fight with Carla; we are all left asking when did Big Ang and Carla became BFF?  After the big fight between Love and Carla, Love was fired from the show. Shame on you Mob Wives for using Love to stir the plot along, then firing her to set an example. Well, the reunion was centered around her. Doctor Drew couldn’t get enough of her.
Anyway don’t cry any river for Love. She will be just fine, her reality show called Love and Fate will be with us soon. Say what you want about fights and drama, but if your aren’t the Kardashians your show stands no chance in a society that is entertained by drama. We all will see if  Season 4 Mob Wives will be gangster free. The only real gangster is Love!

On a side note Renee’s son this season was  great example of a son who stood by his mom side, and he has grown into an handsome young man.

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