Mob Wives Love Majewski Gives Love!

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Love Majewski is doing it big! One of the newest cast members of Vh1 Mob love44Wives she is holding her own ground. Her bubbling and “tell it like it is” personality is getting her many fans. She is the same on and off the show. Fearless and daring! Love believes in loyalty and family. The only ones to face her wrath are the ones who choose to be her enemy.

With a name like Love, she has a lot of love to give. Check out her latest photo shoot with Makeup Artist Suzana Hallili. The shoot “UV got the scoop make love not war “in support of Violence against woman. Some might not understand her support for peace because of her past. But who better to set an example than a lady who knows war and has experience the bitter side of domestic violence. Maybe she can’t save the world, but if her message can save one soul, then more LOVE  for Love.

Photo Credit:Marcelo Cantu

Makeup/Concept Suzana Hallili



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