Miss Princess Porsha ATL Housewife seems “clueless”

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Porsha Stewart, granddaughter of civil rights icon Hosea Williams is the new addition to the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well, let’s just say- she sure knows how to make a name for herself. She is clueless and sounds like a chicken head if you ask me! With episode 3, she invited Kenya Moore to her charity dinner, and low and behold she forgets ‘Miss Highness’ Title. Unfortunately, that didn’t stand well with Kenya and she left. Well not quite?! …before she could really leave, Miss Porsha kicked her out.
But to be fair, it wasn’t really a kick out because Kenya was leaving regardless.
Glam wanted to know more about who Porsha is, because goggle doesn’t offer much. Our sources told us that, ‘Porsha, who acts like the poor little rich girl, had a real job before she met her baller husband. She worked at Rooms to Go located on Jimmy Carter blvd in Atl’. Wowza!!!
Twitter is not her bff now, and the fans of the show are going in on her! Pretty girl with a big smile but just like what Kenya said “she needs to stop living in the coat tail of her family’s legacy and husband name and get her own identity”.

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  1. sengli02

    March 5, 2013 at 12:19 am

    Portia is not pretty at all. She has over-sized buck teeth. I think that she is a drag queen. Please get some dental work done. You will never be happy with such a controlling husband. He makes all the decisions for you. Every time you try to get a word in, he cuts you off. A big house and a baby does not make anyone happy.

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