Maxine Greaves Pure White Derby Garden Soiree

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I’ve seen plenty of “Kentucky Inspired Derby” events this year, but none quite as interesting as “Maxine Greaves Pure White Derby Garden Soiree”. As many as you know, this southern tradition of hat parading is what makes ‘Derby inspired’ events one of the greatest in the world. The fashion is not solely a product of present times; but rather, lavish attire with women in simple or grandiose, custom-made hats. Nevertheless, at last night’s event, some of the attendees clothing and hats were a hit and some….well let’s just say they didn’t know if they were attending a Gatsby party or Derby inspired Event!

The attendees that were spot on had paired their lavish or simple hats with one of a kind attire. And not to mention the men that came out with their best suiting- from spectacular bow ties to trendy socks. Overall the event was great! The live band and ambiance was 7 out of 10. My only critique is there was too much division, attendees were scattered in different areas. Some danced the night away and many were just spectators gossiping about other attendees and their attire.
~Krys Kutie, Celebrity Blogger, GlamSense Diva+ Her Daily.com

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