Mama Jones Apologizes To Fans For Perfume Launch Party!

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Glam: Hi Mama Jones, thanks again for inviting us to Pumkash launch party but with all the hype, the party did not cut it for us. What went wrong?

Mama Jones:  First of all it was supposed to be a pre-launch and I was not responsible for the set up. My former management was. They had me believing that everything was all right. I was just as surprised to see no display table and the step and repeat had other people brand on it rather than the ones I was representing.  They were also charging at the door and to top it off, I am yet to receive a dollar. My samples were at the venue but were not given out and none of my promotional items were placed on the tables.

I felt that this party was not about me or my brand. My last event I had for Sasspool  we had a nice red carpet, nicely decorated venue, and my guests received gift bags with my Psychotic shirts. With the misunderstanding of the kind of venue, I got there late! Not by my own doing but because I was picked up late. My friends from the Mob Wives were waiting on me and left. This is a lesson learned. I have a new management team who I called my A+ team. God has put the right people around me now. My new Manager is KC, Tiasha and Tarell are my Publicists.

Thanks Glam for allowing me to clear this up. I will never disrespect my people. I was just as upset as you. I no longer endorse that hair company. I cut all that weave out and is wearing my own hair. I should have known better to endorse other people’s hair but my own.  I learned the hard way. But again I want to say thanks again for listening and I really apologize to you and all the guests that came out.

Pumkash will be having a real launch party and you will the first to be invited. {Laughing}

Glam: Ok Mama Jones Glam forgives you but next time come hard or go home. {Laughing}

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