Low Blow Ray J!

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IT looks like Ray J is trying to make a come back off his ex Kim Kardashian. Why, after so many years of Kim moving on he now think he has to write a song about their infamous relationship. Come on Ray J, are you serious? Your DNA washed out of Kim many moons ago. Why are you searching for the lost Ark?

Kim gets on my nerves sometimes, but honestly she doesn’t deserve this. She has moved on and sometimes we all need to leave the past behind. We may need to give Kim some kind of rating. She made a sex tape and made herself into one of the BADDEST bitches! Maybe you, Ray J needs to learn from her and make something of your failed career. According to, the song includes the lyrics, “She might move on to rappers and ballplayers/ But we all know I hit it first…/ I had her head going north and her a** going south…/ But now baby chose to go West…/ No matter where she goes or who she knows… She still belongs in my bed.

All Glam can say is Low Blow Ray J and I am totally KISSING MY TEETH!


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