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Judging by the lines to get into the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel in Atlantic City over the weekend, you’d have thought that a hot rock concert was in progress with a resurrected Michael Jackson as the headliner. While there were some live music performances inside the venue, the real attraction for the thousands who were pouring inside the venue was an expo called eXXXotica, the largest event in the United States dedicated to love and lovemaking.

The expo ran from Friday to Sunday and this year was the first time the sizzler was being held in the popular seaside resort that now appears fully recovered from Hurricane Sandy. Inside the show area looked like Times Square on New Year’s Eve with lovers of all ages gawking at the jaw-dropping array of every imaginable product dedicated to the world’s most popular pastime- lovemaking.

The top attraction was a kaleidoscope of adult video stars that were only too happy to snap photos and sign autographs for attendees. But almost as compelling were the hundreds of booths that dazzled with DVDs, toys, lingerie, enhancers, enlargers, board and non-board games, performance pills, mechanical bulls, strip tease, erotic art, sexy vacations, job opportunities, free seminars, experts on rejuvenating lovemaking, spanking sessions, romantic authors, comedians,  body painting, body massages, and every other kink and fetish under the sun.

Hotel rates for the weekend jumped to record highs for spring and security crew had their hands full trying to keep the hundreds of beautiful ladies within the show area, many of whom were running around wearing not much more than dental floss, and warm, welcoming smiles.

The show ended Sunday with thousands of happy Hedonists heading back home, loaded with gift bags, giveaways, deals, discounts and a wealth of new knowledge on love and lovemaking

By: Anthony Turner

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