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Love Jones Girlz perform on BET 106 & Park

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Subject: Love Jones Girlz perform on BET 106 & Park – this Thursday 8/22/13 – 6 PM Eastern- GET OUT THE VOTE
Love Jones Girlz has just returned from LA on The School Tour.  It was a great experience and we thank everyone for the support.
Now…We are gearing up for Love Jones Girlz to perform on BET’s 106 & Park this Thursday August 22nd.  And we need you!
As a result of the great showing on 106 & Park back in April, Love Jones Girlz is now on the Coca-Cola AllStars Summer Series. We compete against one other artist in the R&B category.   If we win Thursday, Love Jones Girlz goes into a run off to open for Atlantic Recording artist Diggy Simmons (son of Run – DMC).
So – Here’s what we need you to do.  Again – 106 & Park is Live on this Thursday 8/22 – 6pm eastern.  Voting usually starts around 6:15 PM right after the girls perform.  If you are in Chicago – it’s 5pm eastern.
* Important note to our west coast voters/supporters
If you are on the west coast (LA) your voting will start at 3:15 pm Pacific.  Even though BET is on a west coast delay, the voting is live and you should start voting at 3:15 pacific.
There are 2 ways to vote this time.  You can use the 106 & Park app. –  And you can vote as many times as you like…
Here’s a link:
you can vote by text.  The text number is 79922 – however you will need to enter a letter for the group you are voting – we will send out an email blast Thursday afternoon once we find what letter you should text.
You should continue to vote – non stop until 7:25 pm eastern.  Just keep voting. Until a winner is announced.
Please pass this email along to your Friends, family, co-workers, supporters or strangers..people you feel will be engaged and excited. To are on-air friends and DJ’s – we are asking for a very quick shout out on Wednesday and Thursday.
Ok – so we need you – can we count on you?  Is that a YES  : )   – we thank you.  And on behalf of Noni, Claire and Taylor  ( Love Jones Girlz) – I want to thank you for your relentless support of Love Jones Girlz and being a part of the girls development over the past 3 years.  It’s been a long journey and this is just the beginning of bigger and greater things to come..and just think….you are a part of it!
Thanks again,

Love Jones Girlz

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