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Love and Hip Hop NYC season 3

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Season 2 premiere of Love and Hip hop was either staged or these new cast members are hungry to be the new break out star!!! Usually there would be a story line and then the drama would follow, but within five minutes there was table shaking, water splashing, etc- like really?!! Well all we can say is the producers wasted no time getting to  the passa passa.


Here is Glam’s take on each cast member:

Yandy: her story line shows an insecure baby daddy that doesn’t really know his place. It looks like they aren’t on equal footing!!! And the only reason they should get a home was because his name was not on Yandy’s Apartment?!- That made him look very petty. However, a glimpse of her adorable baby was the highlight of her story, but the baby should not be in the show to become subjected to people’s opinion! ~JUST SAYING!

Erica: Where shall we begin?! Well her loud and angry personality, it wasn’t a surprise to learn of her relationship with Rich-SMH, talk about unprofessional. Isn’t he managing her as well?! Moreover, she needs to remember her many ‘issues’she encountered last season. And she needs to stop going around starting trouble. She better be careful that big vein in her forehead don’t explode!

Olivia: Hmmmm!!!! Well, the scene with her was quite confusing, don’t you think?! In the viewer’s eye, she is his client and ‘friend’, so why did she feel the need to interrogate Erica?! Her doing that doesn’t validate her ‘friendship’story with Rich! Why do you care?! Olivia needs to focus on stacking her paper, her image and getting her career to the level she claims to want!! Know your role boo-you’re an Artist, he is your manager…keep it moving! POINT.BLANK.PERIOD!

Rich: All we can say is- his mouth as usual may get him into trouble this season. It wasn’t a surprise when he went off on Erica. ~GLAM HAS PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED HIS NASTY ATTITUDE!

And from the looks of the first episode…let’s see how long that is going to last!

Tihary: Rookie to the show- within minutes she was fighting!! Pretty girl but I am still wondering with all that junk in her trunk, is it real?! And does she suffer from back pain?!!!

Joe Budden: All I could think about is to go into the TV and trim that ‘R Kelly beard from his face!! And he kind of looks like Common!!

Rah Ali : Need to make sure she makes herself relevant, that peek a boo sneak preview is not going to cut it! what’s your story,  we want to know why are you on the show, we know you are a gangster so bring it!

Raqi: Playing Joe’s friend accused of  allegedly sleeping with him and then can’t own up to it! Listen  Raqi Joe dissed you, learn from that!


Well this season is trying to outdo ‘Love and Hip Hop ATL’…let’s see where all this is going. So we’ll be watching and if we suspect any foul play, trust~we will put them  on blast!.


Don’t know who the other cast members are, but when we find out, we will let you know.

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