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Love and Hip Hop ATL reunion pt 2 recap

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Well Love and Hip Hop ATL reunion pt 2 had it’s fair share  of up’s and down.Erica got her ring from Scrappy,hope it don’t bun her finger.Hope scrappy do right by her.Poor Shay had to watch all this and couldn’t take it so she left.Resheeda choose love.Joseline break down after watching her parents never seen  before clip.Mimi and Joseline kick off  verbally about who is more stupid to stay with Stevie. Stevie declares he now owns a car and will stop walking(glam did think him have money??)Benzino tells the world finale to him and Karlie’s relationship.Over all the season ends with everyone finding their purpose.Well Glam’s break out stars are Joseline,Stevie J and k Mitchell.Erica and Scrappy might get their own show,their story line had a bunch of drama.So bye till then.wonder what season 2 is going to be like.

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