Leave Gabby alone!

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Are you for real?? Urban blogs, social media and online sites are talking about Gabby Douglas hair- being NAPPY, like are you serious?!!!!!

16-year-old Gabby won a gold medal for gymnastics all-around champion and yet people are not dwelling on her accomplishments- as an African American, we find the need to talk about her hair! It’s a shame, so what if her roots are growing out. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and focused on what was important-her talent! What does her hair and or texture have to do with such an amazing story- of a mom who sent her daughter to live with a white family many miles away to accomplish her dreams. It’s so disgusting and disgraceful for people to focus on her hair and not realize all the efforts her parents have done just to get her there. What if they couldn’t afford to do her hair any better, does it really matter? As black people, we should remember that we are from an African decent, our hair may get nappy because of humidity; chemical works for us sometimes. We need to embrace who we are and stop seeing only the negative. Look at Serena and Venus Williams, as kids they were talked about negatively because of their hair…and now they are one of the BEST athletes in America!

Our society is caught up with fakeness and external beauty, that we are so blinded by what really beauty is! LEAVE GABBY ALONE…greatness is inside her!!

CONGRATS TO HER MOM FOR BELIEVING IN HER DAUGHTER’S DREAM, kudos to you for a job well done. We would like to congratulate Gabby for all her hard work and dedication. She has given every little kid who has a dream-something to believe.

written on 8/5/12

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