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DIHPR is excited to announce that September 12-14, we will be hosting New York City’s Latin Fashion 2013. New York Latin Fashion Week is a celebration of Latin style, people and culture! New York City, N.Y. welcomes the Latin Fashion Week platform to the city’s already luxury line up of fashion events going on during September. New York Latin Fashion Week (LATINYC) is a fashion, art, beauty and music showcase featuring Latin multicultural designers. It features the best designers from around the world collections of exquisite garments, accessories and swimwear.

The activities over the coarse of the three-days will consist of fashion shows, red carpet opportunities and private parties.For more information about Latin Fashion Week, please see the attached Press Release included in this email. You can also visit latinfashionweek.com
For tickets information: http://newyorklatinfashionweek-eorg.eventbrite.com/

Press Release:

NY Daily News:


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