Je T’aimes Shoe Boutique Meet & Greet

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Well Glam wanted to see what the excitement was about, when learning of Je T’aimes Shoes store located on Flat Bush across from the Barclay Center -Brooklyn New York. So my girl -publicist Marie Theodore from Team Execution gave me my official invite to their meet and greet. When I stepped inside my heart started racing, and I had to pinch myself to make sure, I was not dead and somehow in shoe heaven. Well my eyes flickered and I was not dead, but alive!!!

The fabulous shoes, must have known my name, because all I hear was Glam..Glam..buy me(lol). I then opened my eyes saw a group of people gathered around someone, and it was Mark Blassingame and one of his client, getting their photo opp. The Shoe Gurus behind Je T’aime are Drey Jones, Jiton Greene and Sunshine Smith Williams. They were all so welcoming and courteous.

Je T’aime Shoe Boutique is a must stop for all fashionistas. The store Features spiked heels, exotic pumps and crafty flats. They carry a lot of exclusive pieces only found in their store. Notable celebrity who are already fans of JeT’aime include celebrity stylist Misa Hylton, Celebrity Stylist Kidear Youmans, MTV NFL Player Tanyka Renee, G-Unit Female Artist Paris, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano and Love & Hip Hop breakout star Yandy Smith.

Some of their shoes are directly handcrafted and imported from Italy and Brazil. The designers include GianMarco Lorenzi, Massimo Dogana, John Galliano, Alexandro G, and Ce fou Lebanon. Basketball Wives star Tami Romon and Renee Graziano are notable figures whom worn shoes exclusively found in Je T’aime.

If you’re a Shoemania, Shoeholic, Shoediva, Shoeaddict, Shoecrazed or what ever Shoe title you own. Then Je T’aimes is the perfect Rehab for you. Make sure you bring your painkillers, because I guarantee you, you will leave with a Shoe headache.

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