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Jack Frost Can Be Prevented!

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Jack Frost isn’t just nipping at your nose, He’s out for all your skin. Dry skin can get itchy and uncomfortable. These are just a few of the ways I prevent & protect my skin from harsh winter weather. I hope they work for you as well as they do for me. xo~L

Snow removal  aka Exfoliation

Under a microscope healthy skin cells are round like tiny bubbles bursting with moisture. Dry dead skin cells are flat almost like snow covering the ground. Start by removing dead (ashy) skin cells so that moisturizers can penetrate deeper and reach your fresh healthy cells. The best way to do this is by exfoliating. In the summer when your nice & tan you don’t want to slough off your color, but in the winter you want a deeper scrub (Snow removal) slightly dampen your skin in the shower with WARM (not hot) water, then step back out of the spray and turn the water to it highest hottest setting (be careful to stay out of the water) you  just want the steam to loosen up those skin cells and open your pores to the exfoliant. Standing in the steam begin with your elbows & knees(save your feet for last) using circular motions work your scrub over your arms, legs etc. For an even deeper clean you can scrub on dry skin. Avoid scrubs with pits, seeds, nut or shards of anything. Play it safe look for circular beads that will loosen the dead cells up without causing microscopic tears on the surface of the skin.


Try layering your moisturizers like you do your clothing. I suggest using a body oil in the shower on damp skin then a quick rinse will leave you hydrated but not slippery after towel drying apply a cream or lotion,lightly pat excess product with a towel before clothing.

Extended exposure

Whether Skiing, Snowboarding or just plain old waiting for the express bus try using your left over SPF from the summer as a barrier cream against harsh winter winds.Although we think of SPF as a preventive measure its full of anti-oxidants and is a great repair, restore treatment, sealing in moisture while fighting free-radical damage and premature aging.
Besides most people don’t realize that it expires and end up saving it and ultimately getting sun burned the following summer.

Nighttime is the Right Time

P.M. for heavy creams that leave a residue apply under pajamas,socks and either aloe infused or light cotton gloves, Apply your richest creams to clean skin and then slip on you sleep clothes.Remember if you don’t normally apply eye cream at night? winter is a good time to start. 

Face First

Again use a heavier cream at night, In the daytime we want to protect from windburn and freezing temperatures and at night we want to repair the damage of the day.
Happy hydrating~ xoxox~Love
By Mob Wives Love Majewski.
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