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Island Glow!

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Island Glow

Let’s talk about how to achieve a more beautiful you, inside and out . Old habits are hard to break but it’s certainly not impossible. Eating organic food like fruits, vegetables along with omega 3 fatty acid will help you to look and feel your best. I am telling you this from my experiences. My day starts off with a simple meditation where I give the DIVINE thanks, for the world’s beauty. Following this is my invigorating yoga excercise. After engaging in this routine, my concept of beauty is beyond beautiful!

As showers of rain nourish the earth, into tender buds and blossoming land capes, we begin to prepare our skin for the days ahead. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is as complex as the heart or the kidneys and can be affected by our lifestyles. Skin can be a visible measure of our health. It responds to emotional and physical activities.
Professional Chemical peels can help to reduce scars, and hyper pigmentation. At home peels are also good options.

INGREDIENTS to look for . (AHA) known as Alpa-Hydroxyl and Glycolic Acid are two of the most popular .These ingredients can be found in moisturizers and serums. DO NOTE: spf protection is of utter most importance.

Taking action at home with a exfoliating scrub will help smooth the skin. This will help to clear excess oil, this can be done twice a week. For sensitive skin do once a week and remember to be gentle.

Apply Ewan Walker Beauty mineral foundation powder for a clean canvas. Follow with bronzer and Ewan Walker Beauty lip gloss of your choice. Please don’t forget to finish your look with ample mascara . BEYOND BEAUTIFUL !

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