I do and now I don’t

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Hook up and marriages are the latest trend in Hollywood. But is there a thing as ‘happily ever after’?? Reality TV marriages are like fire works, they start out bright with a big bang then slowly it dies. Reality TV has brought the world into the life of many stars and we have seen their ups and down. Looking in -we are able to see the fine prints that makes their life tick. Even when they pretend we know…We wonder how Chad feels now-accused of domestic violence, lost his job with the Miami Dolphins and now a divorce?!

Do we blame Chad for head butting Evelyn- who told him as long as he used condoms it was cool for him to see other people?? Why did she get angry after finding out that her goodies wasn’t enough for her player? Or do we blame Evelyn for bringing destruction into Chad’s life?? Some people’s chemistry just doesn’t work well together, in this situation it is consider salt!!

Damn what Jennifer Williams saying now? She did warn Evelyn several times about Chad-Well thank god Evelyn did not rush to have babies or that would’ve been another story.

Fame, Money and Divorce is the new threesome of some famous people.

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