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How to Treat Bald spots

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Wearing your hair in tight buns, braids in for too long, over weight weaves, stress level, Age, diet, chemical, allergic reactions, medications etc. can all have a diverse reaction on your hair follicle and lead to balding or bald spots. Women and Men are affected by this condition daily; Natural treatments included taking Amino Acids, Proteins, Vitamins C, B1, E, A, B7 & Biotin are all good to help build and restore your hair, skin and nails. Fruits and Vegetables like Citrus Fruits, green pepper, tomatoes and green vegetables are good sources to help your skin glow and hair remain nourished. Try deep conditioners and fertilizers- But remember before you choose the brand, always determine your hair type. Ask yourself is my hair oily, dry, normal or chemical treated, and if you don’t know- ask a professional hair stylist. Never buy products based on brand!!
*Nothing is wrong in doing your own research and also getting other’s feedback!

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