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 New York City—Nancy “Mama” Jones,  a reality TV star who first rose to prominence on VH1’s hit  series, “Love And Hip Hop,”  recently signed  a book deal with  Wahida Clark  Presents Publishing. Her debut non-fiction book,  “Mama Jones  My Guide To Love & Romance,” offers her unique perspective on dating and navigating through the choppy  waters of relationships.  The unapologetic author has no filter as she gives her take on how women can attract a man and keep a man, and vice versa.

   Mama Jones, a mother, businesswoman, youth advocate and mentor, has extensive experience at guiding women through romantic challenges. As the mother of six girls and mother of international rap star Jim Jones, her charismatic personality and street wisdom have earned her key roles on both “Love And Hip Hop,” and now, “Chrissy And Mr. Jones,” a spinoff series on which the irreverent Jones delight TV audiences with their spicy relationships and family issues.

 “Mama Jones My Guide To Love & Romance” skillfully blends humor and old school wisdom as she teaches her discerning literary audience how to love wisely.  Her non-traditional insight on male/female relationships will bring a smile to faces as her sage advice resonates on every page.  “There are some things that real women just wouldn’t do. I outline a lady code to reinforce the ethics of real women.  And I’m going to teach you young brothers a thing or two,” declares the first-time author.

   It’s a given that Mama always knows best, and Mama Jones is no exception, having offered her son Jim Jones priceless jewels of advice on and off  camera. From giving her take on such hot topics as proposals, to pregnancies, she has endeared herself to television audiences with her quick brand of humor.  Her uncensored guide incorporates wisdom and savvy wit where she discusses sex, relationships, love problems and topics one can’t talk about with your own mama. The undisputed Mother of Hip Hop gives her readers the necessary tools to strengthen relationships and find that “special someone.”  The amazing guide provides much-needed edutainment on the fascinating topics of love and romance, while touching on what matters most in relationships.

Mama Jones had been contemplating her journey in book publishing for a number of years.  Through a chance meeting with publishing maven Wahida Clark, CEO of Wahida Clark  Presents Publishing, Mama Jones expressed her desire to become an author.   As a committed community activist and youth advocacy leader seeking to further educate the inner city youth with continuous efforts raising money to open a teen center in Englewood, NJ, Mama Jones believed that by becoming an author she would be able to touch the lives of millions.

 Recognizing the passionate and caring nature as well as Mama Jones’ ability to resonate with millions of fans, Ms. Clark invited Mama Jones to become part of her stable of authors. “We are all very excited to have added Mama Jones to our roster and look forward to her new title Mama Jones My  Guide to Love and Romance being a big success. Her book serves as  inspirational advice to an undeserved audience. Mama Jones’ three-tiered career as a television celebrity and  businesswoman  will only enhance the lifespan of her book. We have planned an aggressive campaign targeting her core audience in key cities across the United States and plan to cross promote her book with her television appearances.”


About  Nancy “Mama” Jones:

Nancy “Mama” Jones is one of the co-stars of the VH1 series, “Chrissy & Mr. Jones.” The reality series, which is  a spin-off of VH1’s “Love And Hip Hop,” follows the trials and tribulations of famous rap star Jim Jones, his fiancee Chrissy Lampkin and his irreverent outspoken mother, Mama Jones.  Mama Jones  was graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. She recently launched a series of businesses, including her own fragrance, vodka, latex condoms and a new clothing line. She makes her publishing debut with “Mama Jones  My Guide To Love & Romance.”  

For more information on  Nancy  “Mama” Jones, visit her  on Twitter @MamaJones1, Facebook: 

Nancy Mama Jones, Instagram: The Real Mama Jones as well as her website,  www.psychoticb.com, Literary Facebook.com: Mama Jones: My Guide to Love & Romance

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