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Glam recap of New Jersey Housewives

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo TV was all about Diva Teresa. All I can say is poor Andy, he could hardly get a word in. The reunion took place one year after its crazy final season. These ladies were seeing Teresa for the first time. Caroline wore blue, Jacqueline wore Red, Teresa wore green, Melissa wore beige and Katy wore blue. Poor Teresa who stood alone as the other women tried to beat her down. Jacqueline and Caroline broke down after watching clips of Jacqueline autistic son Nicholas. Lauren, Caroline daughter made her debut with her new look after having a Lap band. Well her new look didn’t stop her from bickering with the prodigal child Teresa. Glam has never seen someone swear on her life and family so much like Teresa, she must be mother Teresa. Looking back at the lies, money,divorces, Bankrupt stories and fights, New Jersey housewives is no better that Love and Hip hop or Basketball Wives. The only difference is the color code.

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