Glam recap of Mobwives premiere season 3 party

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Team Execution invited us to ‘Big Ang’- of Mob Wives, premiere party on January 6, 2013, but after learning that we may run into some unfavorable guests- we decided not  to  go so that   our New Year  energy would  stay  positive. But knowing my girl -Marie Theodore, we’re sure that the party was a hit. With all of our other invites, Glam Divas decided to attend the Mob Wives SEASON 3 premiere party at Frames NYC, hosted by Ramona Rizzo, Karen Granozo and Love Majewski.  Red carpet was at 7PM and to our surprise the Mob Wives were there and on time!!!! The premiere party started on time and the guests were treated to great tasting Hors d’oeuvres and not to mention the space of Frame allowed guests to mingle and relax where ever they felt was suitable. The VIP lounge area was filled with the most fashionable guests. Each of the Wives had their own cliques and found time to mingle and take pictures with their fans.


Glam alert: Karen lost lot of weight and looked fabulous, we wonder how she lost the weight?! Nevertheless, she looked awesome! Ramona like always brings it, and didn’t need much to stand out.  As for Love Majewski, she was cheerful and made great effort to entertain her guests.

Season 3 didn’t disappoint fans, with the ‘oooohs and ahhh’ gasps at each punch line it was obvious that the audience were into it. Glam Divas was too busy taking pictures to watch the entire show, but the words that stick out were –‘JUNKIE and Pill POPPER’.

However, Carla looked like she really wanted to be ‘the new break out star’ because she went hard on Renee!!

We were also surprised by Mama Jones presence. She graced the premiere with her bubbly self-and she is the same person on and off camera…. full of life. Also, other celebrities like Free agent- Alvin Bowen, esthetician to the stars -Donna Scott, among others- also graced the red carpet.

The night was over for the Glam Divas, when our fashionable shoes decided they have had too much and started to give us hell!


Shout out to my girl Jovana Jenkins Gilkes from Storm Pr, Alvin Lopez The Media Model Pr, Wendyfitbody Trainer, Tania Pessoa, Mspenny Saintil Pr for Ice T,  Evander Broekman CEO of the Diamondsfactory and Artist  Notch.

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