Glam’s recap of Keyshia Cole concert

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After leaving the ‘Blogger’ in the city event, we left with our tummies full and ready to take in Keyshia Cole in Concert at the Best Buy Theater. As Usual, we got there fashionably late, but just in time to see Keyshia’s performance. With over 1500 hundred fans, her energy captivated the audience and the concert itself was an electrifying event!

Keyshia wore a full white ensemble which shined from the dimmed lights in the theater, she looked absolutely AMAZING!! Her fans couldn’t get enough of her soulful voice and they all sung along to many of her hits. After watching her in concert, I noticed sadness in her, and low and behold…there was something wrong. After she called Ashanti on stage for their collab., she started to thank her fans for sticking by her side. During her 5 minutes speech, she made it known that she felt betrayed by many people including her Family! {HELLO….lets rewind… Are we talking about the lost family that Keyshia helped and gave them so much?!!! Anyone with a heart could understand her pain.} And then the tears came when she talked about her husband.

After watching her reality show we really hope those two get it together and make it work. They are so cute together! So many times the reality TV shows creates strain in relationships, it would be sad if they did not make it work!

So, after the concert we went backstage to say hi. You all know how Glam rolls, VIP a must! lol Thanks to Security House. ..As we entered the backstage we ran into no other than ‘lil Mama’ who looked stunning with her new image. No longer that little girl with the crazy character, but a woman! Seeing her in person, her complexion is flawless. When we saw Keyshia backstage in person, she was just as beautiful up close and extremely sweet. We also met-New Artist ‘Jesse Wilson’ whom was also chilling backstage after her own performance.

With our throbbing feet we knew it was time to cut. Shout out to Designers Cheayrochelle and Florian who was a part of our entourage.

*** To our fans never forget our motto where Glam goes Sense follows.

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