Glam recap of Hype Hair annual international beauty/designer contest

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Hype Hair Magazine’s 26th annually International Designers/Beauty Contest took place on Sunday November 25th in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriot Hotel Newark. The show is the ‘brain child’ of Publisher – John Blassingame. The Ballroom had a packed house of patrons and celebrity guests. The ten Female contestants camed from different parts of the US to compete for the Title of Hype Hair Beauty 2012. The contestants range from all ages and sizes. Prizes included a trip to Cancun and lots of exposure.

The Show also showcased the agency ‘Just us Kidz’. With all the credit they deserved in all their accomplishments, we were very disappointed by majority of the clothes the kids showcased. We hate to go hard on the Kids; we’re not blaming them at all-but the designers SMH! The first designer stayed true to what a kid should look like, however it went downhill after. The fabric and cuts were off, and not to mention the designs. They were two kids’ designers that showcased their lines. But with my disgust of the grown up looks, we were not sure who designs were who’s. The kid models were vibrant and sassy and if it weren’t for the clothes, we would have enjoyed it. Not to mention the teens. All you could see was tight mini dresses, lace, and breasts. Nothing is wrong with staying modern, but KIDS ARE KIDS and should look and dress their age.

After the kids show ended, we all agreed that it was a bit too long. The winner was then announced for the beauty contest. Sixteen years old Reussite Zaruta from Maryland walked away with the Title. The designer contest was the final show. We didn’t wait around to see who won because at that time our bellies were churning, and there were no food or snacks in sight. But our source said the Designer competition was won by Nina Streets Designs.

Before we left, we took our last set of pictures and said hi to our girl ‘Glamouschicks cosmetics’. And we couldn’t resist to purchase the creative head wraps by ‘My crowning Jewel’.

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